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Coral Rock Plumbing & Gas Inc., Miami plumber plumbing for South Florida specializing in repair for Residential Homes and Commercial Property.

Coral Rock Plumbing & Gas Inc. installs and repairs, boilers, cast iron drains, pvc drains, tankless hot water heaters, Eemax hot water heaters, faucet repair, toilet repair, backflow preventer assembly repair, pipe freezing, french drains, septic tanks, drain fields, sewer drain system, water filters, drinking fountains, water coolers, urinal repairs, wall hung toilets, flushometers repair, floor drain repair, cast iron pipes, hot & cold mixing valves, hot water heater storage tanks, automatic control valves (ACV), pressure regulator valves(PRV), strainers, and much more!


Emergency Plumbing response on the weekends or weekday, we are still working to unclog your drains or repair your plumbing leaks.

Drain Cleaning by either metal cables or water jetting, weather it is a large sewer pipe or small sewer pipe we have the equipment to get you unclogged quickly, and water jetting to clean 360 degrees of pipe.

Boiler hot water commercial heaters are maintained by checking each important component including the gas lines for leaks.

Gas lines are very economical, weather for cooking, generator, clothes dryers, and hot water heaters, they are very efficient, however, having a professional check the appliance and line for leaks can be a lifesaver.

High Pressure Water Jetting can clean the inside diameter of the drain pipes to a complete 360 degrees to prevent clog drains, reduce any foul orders and the ability to drain at maximum capacity removing any slow drainage

Sewer drain camera inspections are the most important home or property inspection before purchasing the property, due to all off the unknown possibilities of damage pipes or lack of, most home inspections never take a single look, however, this can be one of the most expensive repairs done to a newly purchased property.

Tankless hot water heaters are a great benefit for the energy saving aspect as well as no calcium build up contaminating the water supply. In a traditional tank calcium rocks start forming at a small size then increase over time, they can fill up the entire bottom of the tank. Tankless heaters have more parts which can go bad by electric surges in the electric lines, I would not remove a tank, however, a tankless heater is a good supplement to an existing tank which can be tied in by tee's and extra valves, or three way valves.

Faucet repair is a wonderful thing if the parts are affordable and available. Often a fancy company pops up out of no where to design an amazing looking faucet to sell millions then you never hear from them again and the no parts are to be found. It is best to buy from a brand that is not a fad and will be around for another 10 years to buy parts from. CRP can repair all domestic faucets and a few imports with the right parts.

Toilet repair can create a brand new toilet, the porcelain never goes bad, unless it becomes cracked. All of the plastic and rubber can be replaced, and as long as it is installed the correct way, you will have a brand new toilet.

Backflow Preventer Assembly normally a commercial application, however, some cities are requiring them on residential property's, the brass housing does not go bad at all 95 percent of the time , all of the parts inside can be replaced for a brand new unit, we highly recommend keeping a repair kit close by. We can take your leaking backflow preventer assembly and rebuild it as if it was brand new.

Pipe Freezing is a helpful method of stopping water when no valve is available. Freezing the pipe can be a dangerous method if the proper precautions performed.

French Drains are a great idea in a concrete area or grass area where no drain pipes are available, give us a call today to build one at any location. Mostly used for AC condensation drains.

Grease traps are for most commercial food and beverage locations operating a kitchen, we can water jet, clean and repair any grease trap.

Septic Tanks must be maintained on a regular basis, regular maintenance on septic tanks and drain fields can prevent sudden back ups and sewage contamination of the property. Installing a clean out on the septic tanks and drain fields allows the property owner to inspect by camera the overall condition of their drainage system.

Sewer Drain systems are a part of everyday life. Kitchen drains should be high pressure water jetted to remove all of the food, grease, and chemicals completely out of the drain system. Main drain lines should be inspected by a camera and water jetted as well.

Water Filters are important to have on all water sources for the use of consumption, bathing, and cleaning. It is important to have the proper level of protection when purchasing a water filter.


We service every property as our own!



Coral Rock Plumbing Inc. is a Miami Based Florida Plumber, plumbing company servicing Residential Homes and Commercial Property for Miami, FL · Homestead, FL · Key Biscayne, FL · Miami Beach, FL · Hialeah, FL · Pinecrest, FL Coconut Grove, FL Coral Gables, FL.

New Construction and Repair plumbing services for home repairs, retail stores, schools, restaurants, grocery stores, and shopping malls.

Drain cleaning for clogged drains, kitchen, bath and main line clogged drains. 

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Coral Rock Plumbing provides 24/7 water heating, filtration, and softening equipment service, sales, and support for the restaurant, hotel and motel, and healthcare industries. Our plumbers in miami fl and dedicated staff are on call 24 hours a day—every day—providing customer support and satisfaction.